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Providing Open Modular Computing Specifications


The European PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG Europe) is an industry-independent, neutral, non-profit organization of board-level manufacturers and end-users having common market interests. PICMG develops common specifications for non-office environments. PICMG Europe promotes the usage and supply of products based on the technical specifications as defined by the head office of PICMG in the USA, such as CompactPCI. Such standards bridge the office automation with the industrial requirements and provide solutions for the next generation of control systems for non-office environments.

The activities of PICMG Europe are of promotional, informative and technical nature, and are aimed to increase the awareness of this architecture and providing access to technical specifications and potential suppliers in an independent way. These activities provide the manufacturers greater market exposure and provide the users more technical information.

Founded in 1997, PICMG Europe adapts the technology and components of the standard PCI local bus for these non-office environments. At this moment PICMG Europe has an extended membership which illustrates the increasing European interest in evolving specifications and the requirements of the industrial market towards CompactPCI.