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July 2000

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Agilent Technologies  Agilent is the world's leading designer, developer, manufacturer and provider of communications components as well as electronic and optical test, measurement and monitoring instruments, systems and solutions. The company's customers span key industries, including electronics, communications, semiconductors, healthcare and life sciences.
Axtar Limited
BVM Ltd. BVM has manufactured boards and systems for real-time applications for more than ten years. Standard products include VMEbus and CompactPCI modules and IndustryPack and PMC mezzanines. Custom designs can also be undertaken either as bus-based or stand-alone modules. All design and manufacture is carried out under the ISO9001 quality management system.
Centralp  The company's  main  activity is the design of custom, semi-custom and standard products, as well as implementing fully integrated systems, enabling you to deliver your application on time to market. Our expertise is: Industrial PC (CompactPCI), Panel PC's, Embedded Computers, Instrumentation and Software. Centralp has the ISO9001 AFAQ certificate for design, manufacturing and testing activities.
Dage Group Dage Backplane Systems Ltd design and manufacture standard and custom electronic sub-assemblies, including backplanes, card cages, cable assemblies and SMT board technology, to customer specifications, using ISO9001 approvals. The main markets addressed are Telecom, Industrial and Medical. Dage has a proven track record in designing and achieving 6 Sigma Quality manufacturing lines. The Dage headquarters are in the UK, near London, with offices in the USA, SIngapore, the Philippines and Japan.
Digital Logic
Digital Development
DMD Computers 

DMD Computers develops and manufactures standard and custom computer, and computer boards for industrial application with more than 20 years experience. Main standard products are Pentium based PICMG passive backplane SBC with support of  Flat Panel Display, Industrial Rack-mount Computers and Panel PC’s. New Compact PCI boards are in development. Main market addressed are Industrial, Telecom and Medical. All the products are designed and manufactured by DMD in order to offer  best quality, long term availability and customer service.

EKF Elektronik EKF Elektronik is a systemhouse for industrial automation applications with more than 25 years experience. Based on open standardized and scalable systems like VMEbus and CompactPCI EKF offers a wide range of boards and systems up to turnkey solutions.
Elma Electronic AG The Elma Group is active worldwide - Headquarters are in Switzerland. We develop modular basic products for the industrial electronic and the telecommunication and custom solutions to fit your exact needs - Elma System Packaging - for turn-key solutions
Enea OSE Systems Enea OSE Systems offers a new generation realtime operating system and development tools for embedded realtime systems. The company focuses on applications were fault tolerance and safety are critical to avoiding system failures or shut-downs that could cause huge losses in revenue, or even loss of life.
Eonic Solutions GmbH Eonic Systems has continually pioneered new capabilities to help our customers solve their real-time software application problems. The Virtuoso™ real-time operating system (RTOS) and tool set is now in its third generation, employing our latest innovation- - SoftStealth™ technology. 
Eonic Systems is also the acknowledged leader in scalable multiprocessor DSP applications with our Virtuoso™/VSP. 
These pioneering technologies help our customers accelerate and simplify their development projects.
ept Guglhör Peiting GmbH & Co. ept is a connector manufacturer for board to board connectors located in south Germany. We have the full range of hardmetric connectors (ept hm 2.0) according IEC 1076-4-101 and DIN 41612 connectors as well as many special and custom specific connectors mainly in press fit technology.


ERNI ERNI GmbH has been founded in 1956 and is part of the International ERNI Company Group specializing in selected electrical and electronic components with about 600 employees in Germany, Switzerland, France, Asia and the United States. For the new CompactPCI standard ERNI offers the 2.0mm Connector System ERmet according to IEC 6 1076-4-101as well as a full range of CompactPCI backplanes. NEW: Special CompactPCI Connectors for the new H110 bus for telecom applications
Eurotech Eurotech manufactures compactPCI boards together with OEM mobile computer systems for automotive, security and telecommunication applications. All the boards could be available in extended temperature range. Eurotech has also add to the CompactPCI line of products a line of PC/104 modules.
Force Computers Force Computers, a Solectron subsidiary, is a leading designer and supplier of open, scalable system and board-level computer platforms for the telecommunications and datacommunications markets.
FCI (Framatome Connectors International) FCI was created in 1989. The company is now the second largest connector
manufacturer in the world and is the only European company amongst the
first ten worldwide.
Its activities are geared towards 7 major markets:
Communications, data, consumer, industrial & instrumentation, military and
aerospace , energy and automotive.
FCI has its headquarters in Paris-France and employs more than 17,000
people in Europe, Asia and Americas. With more than 60 production plants in 29 countries, FCI accounts for about 50% of the total sales of the Framatome Group within which FCI forms one of the two main activities.
GESPAC GESPAC: The 3U CompactPCI® Embedded Computer leader, offers fully configured CompactPCI Pentium® and PowerPC™ based systems with a broad selection of backplanes, DSP, I/O modules, packaging and custom products. We proud ourselves for quality, long term availability and customer service.
HARTING KGaA Harting is a leading manufacturer of connectors operating in 20 countries worldwide. The har-bus HM hard metric 2 mm connector range for CompactPCI applications includes the variants for Computer Telephony, Hot Swap and special features such as the one piece monoblock male and female. Additional support functions include the availability of spice models and application tooling.
Hartmann Electronik The Hartmann CompactPCI backplanes from 2 to 8 slot, are supporting 5 Volt and 3,3Volt, with systemslot right or left, with or without modular power supply connector. The 6U CompactPCI backplane, which includes P1 and P2 segments, we can offer you also with the additional segments P3, P4 and P5.
I-Bus Europe

I-Bus is a leading supplier of industrial-grade, PC-compatible computer platforms based on passive backplane and CompactPCI architectures. We design and manufacture a wide variety of enclosures, passive backplanes, and passive backplane CPU boards. These high quality computing systems are used for computer telephony, telecommunications, broadcast and industrial automation applications  I-Bus has earned a distinguished reputation for providing high quality, reliable products that are exceptionally supported through our expert engineering, innovative products, high-quality manufacturing, and world-wide sales and support.

Inova Computers Inova Computers is a leading supplier of high volume, low cost embedded computing solutions. With a well-established background in multiple backplane bus technologies, the company focuses on the design and implementation of industrial/embedded systems for use in process control, robotics, telecommunications, and traffic and transportation. Using a highly creative design approach that integrates low cost, PC-based technologies with extended temperature options and highly stable features, Inova consistently designs more functionality into less space. The result is a series of aggressively priced, compact solutions that saves OEMs and systems integrators time, space, and money.
Inside Technology  Today, INSIDE Technology A/S (Ltd.) is well established as one of the leading developers and manufacturers of Single Board Computers (SBCs) for support of Flat Panel Displays. The strong market position of INSIDE Technology A/S is primarily based on skillful product development and fast market build-up.

INSIDE Technology A/S is selling its SBCs to a long range of demanding OEM-customers, who have used INSIDE SBCs as basis for among others: Industrial PC products, medical scanners and monitors, instrumentation equipment, and point of sales terminals.

Interface Concept Interface Concept designs, manufactures and markets high-performance communicatis solutions including a wide variety of COTS products. The LINES platform range based on 68k and PowerQUICC® processors, is built around industry standard open hardware architectures including PCI, cPCI, PMC, VME... and a wide portfolio of popular real-time operating systems such as pSOS, VxWorks®, Linux®...that Interface Concept carries and supports in-house. High performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness are key features of LINES products.
Iskratel We provide state-of-the-art telecommunications products, based on own knowledge and manufactured under the licence of the global company Siemens AG. The product line comprises digital switching systems EWSD and SI2000, SDH transport systems on optical fibre, digital global systems for mobile communications GSM, intelligent networks IN and broadband networks. We offer complete turnkey solutions in the field of telecommunications. We master the entire process from product specification, project engineering, development, testing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning to after-sales support and customer training. In addition to own development, we take part in the development of new products for Siemens. The technology for the production of telecommunications systems has been transferred to Turkey, Russia and Ukraine.
Kevin Sharpe Consulting Ltd
MarekMicro MarekMicro provides a variety of services for OEM's in the embedded market including custom hard- and software development for embedded systems and CompactPCI board level products. MarekMicro also offers vendor-independent CompactPCI technology consulting and training. Ask for standard or inhouse seminars and/or courses on other topics of the embedded world like special processor architectures, real time operating systems and driver development.
Meilhaus Electronic Meilhaus Electronic (Germany) is a full service provider of hardware (PCI, cPCI, ISA boards, modules) and software for PC-based data acquisition applications. ME is authorized distributor of Hewlett-Packard's HP VEE, HP BASIC, HP-IB boards and HP-IB/LAN Gateway.
Motorola Computer Group Motorola Computer Group is the world's leading supplier of embedded computer platforms based on CompactPCI, Passive PCI, VME, EBX, ATX and NLX formfactor products.
National Instruments
National Instruments provides software and hardware for PC-based measurement and automation including a complete line of CompactPCI and PXI chassis, controllers, and I\O modules.
Nyquist Industrial Control Nyquist Industrial Control develops motion control solutions for OEM machine
building. The latest member of the 'NYCe' product family is the
NYCe4000-system, a distributed digital multi-axis
motion control system. This advanced system synchronously controls up to 64 axes and is based on state-of-the-art technologies like Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Windows NT/CE and FireWire.  Nyquist has its headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Sales and service activities cover the European and Asia/Pacific markets. 
PEP Modular Computers PEP Modular Computers is a leading high-tech provider of CompactPCI systems, 3U/6U VME systems, embedded controllers, industrial I/O modules, intelligent distributed micro-controllers and customized solutions.
Performance Technolgies Performance Technologies has been providing high performance I/O solutions into the VME, SBus, PCI, PMC and CompactPCI marketplace fpr 15 years. Our current focus on CompactPCI Fault Tolerant Telecom WAN solutions has established PTI as a leading edge supplier in this field.
Perlos Connectors Perlos Connectors manufactures standard, tailored standard and customised alectromechanical connectors. The standard product port folio includes PerForm 2.0-connectors for CompactPCI, PerPack 2.5-connectors in accordance with DIN41642 and DIN41612 connectors.
Racal Recorders Ltd Racal has a history of delivering high-quality specialized industrial electronics products and services. Our business is centered in four major market sectors: test and measurement technology, professional voice and data recording, energy and other survey applications, and security and payment systems. Our products range from precise positioning systems to undersea exploration vehicles, from specialized testing and measurement devices to communications and data acquisition recorders, and from data encryption units to point-of-sale and secure payment systems.

RadiSys RadiSys design and manufacture computers that OEM's embed into their products. RadiSys have offices around Europe and a design centre in the UK which provides European support for custom designs.
RTSoft RTSoft is a company working on the Russian industrial automation market as a system integrator. RTSoft is involved in the different major projects in the field of power energy distribution, management and control; gas/oil processing and transportation; military/avionics; telecommunication; traffic control. RTSoft is principal developer of dedicated system software for industrial automation projects and integration of several types SCADA systems and distribute control systems. The wide spectrum of real-time operating systems (VxWorks, LynxOs, OS-9) and hardware based on modern open standards (VME, CompactPCI) are key strategy of RTSoft projects implementation.
SBS Technologies Europe SBS Technologies Europe was one of the first companies to offer products for the CompactPCI market. State-of-the-art 3U and 6U All-In-One boards and systems combined with a wide selection of operating systems offer solutions wherever high data throughput, rugged mechanics and long term availability is required.
Schroff SCHROFF with headquarter in Straubenhardt, Germany, and subsidiaries in all parts of the world, offers its customers a broad range of products, systems and solutions in the field of electronic packaging. The key competencies of Schroff include enclosures, cases and subracks with EMC protection and thermal management, standardized and customized backplanes, power supplies and system integration.
SMA Regelsysteme SMA develops and manufactures state of the art microelectronic products in Germany. A wide range of standard boards for CompactPCI is supllemented by nearly any kind of custom tailored hard- and software development. DIN ISO EN 9001 certified development and production guarantees reliable products and enforces our company mission: satisfied customers.
SunMicroelectronics SunMicroelectronics, the division of Sun responsible for the development of the CPUs in their leading-edge desktops and servers, is also responsible for a range of CompactPCI motherboards designed to meet the requirements of telecom, networking and industrial OEMs utilising the same architecture and processors used in Sun's computer platforms. OEMs can take existing software components - such as RTOS, Solaris OS, LAN/WAN protocols, Middleware, database, network management and complete applications - from the enterprise computing environment directly into their embedded applications without the need for recompilation, allowing them to take advantage of the latest performance technology and ultimately reductions in time to market.
SI Logic Ltd SI Logic offers Digital private & public E1 network access, with matrix switching and embedded approved protocol stacks, available on a H.100 compliant PMC module and PCI card.
Telesoft Technologies

A world leader in SS7 technologies since 1989, our expertise covers telephony voice and signalling protocols such as SS7, ISDN, V5.1/2, CAS, and R2, and IP telephony. We design a wide range of innovative products for fixed, mobile and IP telephony networks that utilise the latest technologies, such as PCI and CompactPCI, H.100 and H.110, Solaris, JAVA, Unixware, Linux and Windows NT. We offer full compliance to international standards, such as ITU-T, Bellcore, ETSI and ANSI. Our portfolio of products includes solutions for OEM developers and integrators, open switching, protocol conversion, and network testing and monitoring. We are a technology based company that provides installation, support, consultancy and project management to our partners and customers as part of our package-based solutions approach. Telesoft Technologies is recognised as a pioneer in the development of SS7 and was the first company offering SS7 on PC based board products.

Thomson CSF Based in over 40 countries, Thomson-CSF is a world leader in professional electronics for related commercial and defense markets. Thomson-CSF develops and supports advanced electronic equipment and systems to meet security, information and communication needs throughout the world.  Activities encompass everything from components to large-scale systems, for all sectors where electronics and computing technologies play a crucial role.  Thomson-CSF has nine major business areas: Airborne systems, Avionic systems, Air systems & missile systems, Naval systems, Communications systems, Optronics Information systems & services, Tubes & components, Space. In each of these areas, Thomson-CSF holds leading positions.
  Trenew Trenew is a worldwide operating company with factories and sales offices in Germany, Switzerland, England and France. Well known as specialist for custom and standard backplanes, especially CompactPCI, VME, VME64x, VXI, etc., Trenew developed to a system specialist. Custom Integrated Systems containing standard and/or custom mechanics, backplanes and power supplies with attention to adequate cooling and EMC belong to the product range.
Tyco International Ltd. Our expertise in material science, product design and process engineering allows us to develop, manufacture and sell high performance, first-to- market products. Our global network of technical and sales representatives provides expert application and engineering assistance, hands-on field training and continuing support throughout the world.
Vero Electronics A member of the international VERO group of companies, VERO Electronics Circuit Board Division designs, manufactures and distributes a broad range of world class standard, custom and semi-custom products based on recognised bus structures such as VME, VXI, VME64x , CompactPCI and PXI . The product range includes backplanes, systems, bridges and other related products including power supplies and thermal management systems which have been extensively used in for example Telecommunications, Datacommunications, Networking, Military, Medical and Industrial markets.
VMIC VMIC is a leading manufacturer of products for the embedded market. Included are CompactPCI® and VMEbus-based, high-performance, feature-rich,
Intel-based single-board computers, the largest selection of I/O products in
the industry, including PCI, CompactPCI, and VMEbus platforms. VMIC also offers communication products that include real-time networking; Reflective Memory, CompactPCI, PMC, and PCI Fibre Channel host bus adapters, and CompactPCI and VME SAN-Ready single-board computers based on the latest Fibre Channel technologies. VMIC provides products with excellent software support, customer support, and products that can be shipped with the
appropriate board support package and device drivers for Windows NT®, VxWorks, Linux, LynxOS, Solaris, and QNX.
Würth Elektronik Würth Elektronik is one of Germany's leading circuit board manufacturers, distinguished for thorough competence in research, custom-built production, and individual advice. As a supplier of CompactPCI™ technology we offer high-performance backplanes from our own factory.
Ziatech Corporation
Ziatech Corporation is the leading supplier of Intel Based CompactPCI CPUs as well as CompactPCI platforms and peripherals. CPUs include 3U and 6U form factor board with processors ranging from Pentium to Dual Pentium Pro.